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Fish Salad

Haven’t been posting lately, simply because I haven’t been cooking. But with a little encouragement from big spoon as well as the new health craze thats been running through my house, I decided to start packing my lunch again. So why not choose something healthy? I simply cooked thick pieces of catfish with salt and pepper on both sides. For the salad I used lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The only thing that makes this salad anything special is the sauce. I tried to mimic the Fried Tofu Salad sauce I normally get from my local Thai spot. The ingredients were lime juice, a bit of soy sauce, salt, chili pepper flakes, and sugar. This works very well with the salad, as well as the fish. I told Vivian about the sauce and she pointed out quickly that its extremely similar to hers…”copy cat” was the exact term I believe. Can someone tell her that she doesn’t own soy sauce, lime, and sugar?

Here’s a pic (excuse my camera and lighting)

Fish Salad with STEVENS SAUCE


Thai Green Curry


Lately, I haven’t had time to cook much because I need to devote all the time I can get to studying. So my kitchen magic has been due to pre-made sauces and curries. This one came from a can I found from a store in Chinatown. No preservatives and no artificial flavors! Yeah buddy!
It was really easy. All I had to do was heat up the can contents, add my defrosted shrimp, and add vegetables. I also diced up some potatoes & fried it to soften it before adding it to the pot. I used frozen mixed vegetables, makes it a lot easier. Yummy and easy!


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