Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. The girl and the boy eventually fell in love. During their time together, they found out they have a few things in common. They both loved to cook. They both loved to eat.

Fast forward to the present. Vivian and Steven continue to cook. But now they like to add a healthy twist to their recipes, normally following the Paleo diet. Now to add another twist, Vivian has moved to Harlem, New York, for Medical School and Steven stays in Oakland, California, to work full time in the online marketing industry.

No matter the distance, we know that we can always turn to one of the things that brought us close in the first place:food. Even though we often times aren’t physically cooking together, we use Skype or the phone to continue to make it an activity that we do together.

We are in no way, shape or form professional cooks. We typically find recipes and just try our best. Heck, we don’t even have nice cameras. We may not be professional cooks, but we are two people that love food as much as we love each other…and that’s a lot.


– Steven and Vivian


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